In J.R.R. Tolkien’s trilogy, the Athelas is a lovely and rare flower that grows only in the high mountains, bringing with it healing and refreshment when sought by those willing to journey for it. At Athelas Outdoor Ministry we use the wonders of God’s amazing mountain creation to teach Christians to serve and to rely on their creator, and provide a place to be refreshed and renewed in a community of believers. Take part in the journey!

Exciting challenges that will push you to grow in your faith. Sing praise songs around the campfire, delve deep into the Bible, and undertake a service project. Away from the routines of everyday life, you’ll find time and space to grow in your faith. You’ll learn to be Christ-like leaders, prayer warriors, stewards of God’s gifts, and servants to the world.

May 23-25: Outdoor Ed. Retreat

Oct. 19-21: “MEA” Kids Retreat

Youth Hunting Retreat

Dec. 29-31: ‘SNOW’ Retreat


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Join an adventure below, or bring your whole family or group for a special chance to grow closer to God and each other. Enjoy a low key camping weekend, a back country wilderness trip, or the comfort of our cozy base camp. Choose a scheduled trip or retreat, or call us to plan your custom family reunion, group retreat or special vacation.

Aug 18-25: Wilderness Fishing Retreat

Aug 28-Sept 3: Hunting Camp Helping Hand

Sept 3-6: Labor Day Family Retreat

Oct 14-16: “Preparing to Celebrate” Retreat

Nov 4-6: Hunter’s Retreat

Dec 2-4: Christmas Baking Retreat

We’ve Expanded!

Athelas has expanded its educational focus and now has “The Story of the Day” available on line. We are still working on putting up Bible studies and inspirational filmed messages. Check out also has a facebook page. F0llow us there and keep posted on the Story of the Day!


Know of a service project that needs to be done?

Want to be involved in mission work?

Let us know…we want to partner with you.


wo-usda  All Athelas retreats utilizing federal lands are permitted by the Flathead and Kootenai National Forests of Montana.